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Sign - Female Access Toilet, Left Hand - 210mm x 180mm

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That awkward moment when a customer wanders into the wrong room looking for a place to answer natures call… Let’s be honest, it’s embarrassing for everyone involved, especially if said customer was an international visitor who only spoke 2 words of English and you both end up unwittingly playing a game of charades (you know the picture…knees together, both hands in crotch, look of discomfort in their face).

Alternatively, point them in the right direction with, say, a universally recognisable sign.

It’s the simple things.

Fully compliant braille amenity signs utilising Internationally recognised symbols. UV protected for both Internal and External use. Easy to install and vandal resistant.

  • All signs are manufactured from PVC to a depth of 3mm (Because of the thickness no backing panel is required) 
  • All signs are injection moulded so that all graphics are of a continuous nature for hygiene purposes as set out in Building Code of Australia BCA section D3.6 
  • Moulded signs mean that adhesive failure on symbol, letters and braille dots is impossible which in turn extends the life of each sign 
  • Sign sizes are 180mm x 180mm x 3mm or 180mm x 210mm x 3mm depending on content 
  • Silver signs are coated with a micro metallic silver acrylic lacquer to give the appearance of clear anodized aluminium 
  • Tactile character & symbols have a minimum 30% luminance–contrast with the background 
  • Complies with The Building Code of Australia (Section D3.6) 
  • Complies with Design for Access and Mobility (AS1428.1-2011) 
  • Complies with Public Information Symbol Signs (AS2899.1-1986)
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You're reviewing:Sign - Female Access Toilet, Left Hand - 210mm x 180mm
Sign - Female Access Toilet, Left Hand - 210mm x 180mm